Heartache is Home

I get held up
On the choices I don’t make
And I worry
About the risks that I don’t take

So I am leaving in the morning before the sun

Oh baby
I’m so bent that I can’t break
I’m an actor
I make love in just one take

So I am leaving in the evening, on the run

Cause my heartache is my home
I’ll let my money take me where it roams
I don’t worry, aim for horizon lines
I’ll feel alone tomorrow, but now I’m feeling fine

I lose bets
On the cards that I don’t deal
I lose love
On the feelings I don’t feel

I’m aching from havin’ no sense of time

Honest people
They’re waiting to tell you lies
It ain’t serious
Don’t try and act surprised

It will be a while before I clear my mind

And I’m running out of road
Careless cause I’m young and trying not to grow
Sad from what I know I cannot write
Bet the lonely nights and thinkin twice, wait til morning light


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