‘Derek’ Series One Ends Poignantly, with Laughs & Tears

Image from telegraph.co.uk

Image from telegraph.co.uk

It’s no surprise to those who know me that I frequently incorporate movie and television quotes into my everyday speaking vernacular. Stuff from the Simpsons and Seinfeld is generally always well received, but sometimes it can backfire. Admittedly, this can be annoying when you get me and my friends Devin and Greg together because we just go off on large tangents, acting out partial or full scenes from shows. Generally, 95% of the time, these shows are the Office and Extras. Ricky Gervais is a favourite of ours and his works have some of the funniest, most-awkward and downright best quotable scenes in modern comedy. His new show, Derek, is joining the huddle.

While not as cringe-worthy as Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s the Office, or as outlandish as their Extras, Derek is as heart-wrenching as the two combined. That is to say, the Office and Extras both have very grounding and poignant moments in their series’, but Derek reaches a whole new level for Gervais.

I don’t really enjoy the process of reviews that divulge into long-winded diatribes or gushing praise, so for the sake of keeping this short I’ll just sum it up in one sentence: Derek is a typical Gervais-style comedy about life. It’s funny, quotable, passionate, has loveable and detestable characters, but more than all it is a show that makes you think about what’s important to you. Series one just finished yesterday (March 6, 2013) with a very tear-inducing finale, but has already been renewed for a second series.


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