Halloween Haikus

The Pack

In the den of dark
the feast begins a-howling,
as fang-daggers drip.

The Lantern

Calico orange,
smoky shadow wax puddles
a grim grin of death.

The Cauldron Brewer

Through the blackened glare
of moonlit windows and of
whispered fear, she sits.

Four Sisters

One with horror eyes,
One without teeth, one stone cold,
One taming a beast.

A Murder

Atop the  lonely,
flannel plaid, the ancient friends
of the scarecrow sit.

Night Light

The shrill cry of night
awakens pale, yellow eyes
deep in your closet.


The filth of bone dust
covers tomes and stale parchments
while the warlock waits.


Stiff neck, ice fingers,
phantom breath of dusk unseen;
blood on his lapel.

Shelley’s Doctor

Cadavers unearthed
with freshly-putrid sinew;
he wipes sweat, works on.


At first the stairs lurked,
cold descending corridor,
but now they beckon.

Close Encounters

With stark, amber lights
they landed in front of him,
their machines gleaming.

Old Friends

Pallid spectres float
above the tombstone: carriage
to the reunion.

Crossing Paths

Black, feline, prowling
amidst the midnight harem,
she brushes your leg.


Icabod sweats as
the horse whinnies with terror
and pumpkin eyes shine.

Death Do We Part

Broken parlour pains
from empty, sullen ballrooms-
a lost love haunting.

Living Dead

Lacking bottom jaw,
the once human chews at air,
his form bones and skin.

Skeleton Mask

Brittle white chambers,
sunken eyes judge the living
in this crypt of nights.


Sticky silk and bones
crowd the dank cavern entrance,
eight legs waiting deep.


We will laugh at flesh
quietly, us vipers and
somnambulant ones.

Mother of Gorgons

Her slick, slithered strands
will not fray or split in sun,
for they breathe like stone.


Lycanthrope heartbeats
are thin as the night is long.
The true lust is thirst.


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