The Movement is Never-ending – The Inspiration of John Lewis’s MARCH


MARCH volumes 1-3, published by Top Shelf Comics.

I knew this would be a powerful book before I started reading it, but I was both surprised and thankful that it stirred me as much as it did. John Lewis’s sensational, three-volume comic March, co-written by Andrew Aydin and illustrated by Nate Powell, does more than simply recount landmark moments in the Civil Rights movement–many of which are firmly rooted in the history books of America–it brings the reader into those moments. It takes you behind the radio bulletins, television broadcasts and political rallies and shows you so much more of what was going on during that era.

To consider that the 15th amendment had been in place for almost a century and was still being ignored by both state and federal governments fills me with ire. I couldn’t help but feel shame, reading about the Continue reading