Why I Write

Perhaps you have heard the Greek myth of the Teumessian fox and Laelaps the hound? A wonderful creature destined never to be captured, chased by a determined dog who caught all that he chased.  Well I believe the perfect idea is the Teumessian fox and the perfect writer is Laelaps.

I’m Brent W. Gladney and I believe that a writer should, among many other things, write. But what good is telling stories if no one ever reads them? Maybe they’ll never be perfect, or, maybe they’re just always getting better. I’ve started this site to showcase bits and pieces I create, with hopes that at least some of you will enjoy what I have to share. So please, stick around and let me know what you think.


7 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Whoa. This puts all the copy on my site to shame! You’ve got some chilling stuff on here, but so well written. I may have to watch some stand-up comedies to remedy that. You are such a talented writer, who knew!? 😛

    Keep up the good stuff!


    • Thanks so much for checking it out, Charlotte! I tend to be a little grim, but I try to counteract it with love! Stop by again, I promise to have something more uplifting, haha!

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