What Horatio Saw

Happy World Poetry Day 2016!

I decided to write a poem in homage to the bard himself.

What Horatio Saw

I hear it crawling in the distance–
fog so dense, my throat gets wet.
I join my friends upon the battlement
to see the unseen they’ve twice met.

They beseech me, Bernardo and Marcellus,
to join them in these dark minutes,
to accept waking beliefs they’ve stretched–
pushing their reason to its limits.

It was just a cloud mixed with a shadow,
surely, could not have been more than that– Continue reading


The Ship Sonnet

Total is National Poetry Day. I felt compelled to avoid free verse and try to polish this one up a bit more. So of course I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet for my fiance.

“The Ship Sonnet”

Listen, hear the joy of my loving mind;
Wherein dusty thoughts are swept out the ears
And true, red hearts beat together and bind
Like a stable ship to sail through life’s years.
Billowed sails are crafted from memories
And gusts, strong and tempted by one deep gaze, Continue reading

Future Now

Just because it’s sometimes used incorrectly, doesn’t mean its advancement is a bad thing. A terza rima poem defending technology.
“Future Now”
In the future we’ll all be connected
And our days and our nights will wash over
Like lights that somehow feel disconnected;
Then every intellectual rover
Will be forced to find a den without plugs–
Searching concrete for a four-leaf clover.
Momentous advancement will feel like slugs

Continue reading

The Bugle Boy

It’s been two weeks since my last post.  Although I haven’t been entirely busy, I have been devoting almost all of my writing time exclusively to my novel.  I would say there will be very few prose posts in the near future because I’ll mainly be focusing on that.  I’ll try to churn out some poetry or opinion pieces in the meantime.  I have written some new short stories I’ve sent to magazines or submitted for contests, so hopefully it goes well.  Always hopeful.  For the time being, here’s a poem that is a few years old with quite a complex rhyming and syllable scheme.

 I am the Bugle boy-
Hear my lonesome tune ring,
While Sirens dance and prance and sing,
Becoming jealous of my song.
They tear away my eyes-
Replacing them with deep mirrors-
Then laugh and jeer and make sweet fun,
With eyes or no, my song’s not done.

My tune is writ and full-
I no longer see light of day,
But still I mumble, tap and hum,
And play my horn without Continue reading