The Ship Sonnet

Total is National Poetry Day. I felt compelled to avoid free verse and try to polish this one up a bit more. So of course I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet for my fiance.

“The Ship Sonnet”

Listen, hear the joy of my loving mind;
Wherein dusty thoughts are swept out the ears
And true, red hearts beat together and bind
Like a stable ship to sail through life’s years.
Billowed sails are crafted from memories
And gusts, strong and tempted by one deep gaze, Continue reading


Autumn’s Alchemist

A sonnet I wrote in 4th year university.

I’ve never felt a colder rain.

As spring’s apron carries off its newly bronzed knees,

Summer gives blistered asphalt to these crimson leaves,

Autumn’s alchemist makes his stain.

He stirs it up and Continue reading