Tattered Shelves

And here I am running out of ink.

My study does well to confine me
with its oaken, tattered shelves;
I’ve come to scribble, leaving the rain alone outside
And it’s gone and got itself lost.

I never let a coin drop without
it having first been flipped.
I often choose the inveterate echo
over either shiny side.

My thinking cap is brisk and knowing
full-well of its poisonous nature
I don it daily.
It is a bit tight, but

It suits me.

-B.W. Gladney

The Greatest Advice I’ve Ever Received

Art by Markus Gann

Art by Markus Gann

A blank page, or screen in this modern age, has such a wonderful, mystical and frustrating dichotomy to it.  On the one hand it holds absolutely nothing: it’s vastly sparse and unappealing; on the other hand, it can become anything, limited only by your imagination.  That is both the great triumph and bane of a writer.

The most astounding piece of writing advice I ever received was Continue reading